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In today’s post I will not only be giving coupons for WPEngine but also a full review on what you can expect inside.

If your website crunches some big numbers in terms of traffic it’s time you switch to a managed WordPress hosting that can take the heat. Also read our post on VPS services.

The founders of WPEngine are Ben Metcalfe and Jason Cohen, who took it from nothing in 2010 to hundreds of thousands of customers today.

Big names in the industry say WPEngine is the trusted host.

Now, you may wonder why WPEngine is so popular?

When it comes to site speed, 24*7 phone support, site security and a host of other features, there’s nothing that comes close to what WPEngine offers.

WPEngine uses NetDNA for their CDN. Industry’s most popular CDN service MaxCDN is powered by NetDNA. A CDN renders the pages fast by caching your site in its servers.

With EverCache technology, they make sure that your website is always online, no matter how high the traffic may jump. It’s the perfect host for unexpected spikes in traffic.


It’s a nightmare to get your website hacked. The hackers may delete the entire database forcing you to re-upload everything and that is if your host provides you with a backup.  Otherwise you will have to start your website from scratch.

Being a webhost specifically for WordPress sites, WPEngine provides WordPress friendly site security features—it limits brute force attacks by banning IP addresses who get the email and password wrong three times. The only way to unban the IP is by contacting the support. It otherwise remains banned forever.

You can also set the number of login attempts before lockdown. If you don’t like three make it two or five. I’d suggest that you don’t put a large number of login attempts since you wouldn’t want any hacker gaining access and messing with the site.

WPE takes backup of your site every single day. Not only do they take backups daily they also store these backups in two locations- one on their own servers and another on Amazon’s servers.

The webhost also employs sFTP which is the secured version of FTP.

There are also other security measures:

Disk Write Protection: WPE limits the kind of processes that can be written into the disk. For instance, if you upload a WordPress plugin with vulnerability, it will be hard for a hacker to exploit the vulnerability and infect the disk.

Disk Write Limitation: All instances of attempts to write to the disk are logged helping see both malicious and non-malicious code.

And… if your website does get hacked the support staff over at WPEngine will bring it back to as it was completely free of charge.

The pricing structure

WPE doesn’t put any limit on the bandwidth per month.

The basic plan starts at $29 per month for 25000 monthly visits.

Personal – $29.00/mo
This most basic plan includes a single instance of WordPress installation with visits capped at 25,000 per month.

Professional – $99.00/mo
The Professional plan includes up to 10 installs and 100,000 visits per month. This plan onwards you have a CDN too for free which would otherwise cost $19.95/month

Business – $249.00/mo
The Business plan allows for 25 installs of WordPress and 400,000 visits every month. Business plan not only has the CDN but also an option to use a dedicated IP address.

The number of visits during 30 days is equal to the number of unique IP addresses that visit your site during that time period.

If your website starts getting more traffic you can easily opt for more expensive plans.

100% uptime guarantee

WPE provides 100% uptime guarantee.

Plus the data centers are located at Texas, Tokyo and London. If you are based off of in Asia and want a server close-by then you could possibly choose the Tokyo server.

It’s also possible to move your site to another data-center afterwards.

Huge knowledgebase

The knowledgebase packs in itself a lot of information on any question customers may have.

If you can’t find what you are looking for you may use the ticket system for your requests. It’s password protected and can be accessed via social media or email login.


The livechat isn’t 24*7 but 24*7 emergency phone support is on provision.

Being a WordPress focused hosting solution, the support staff are experts in any WordPress problems and can provide quick assistance.

Play with CSS tools

WPE has a staging area where you can play with CSS tools to determine how the site looks like before rolling it out.

A copy of the original site is made and it is on this copy that you test different things out.

Rolling out changes could never have been any easier.

Featured plugins

You will find a list of featured tested plugins in a list called the Curated plugins list. There’s also a list of disallowed plugins with bad code. These plugins mostly have some or the other vulnerability. WPE scans all plugins and if any of them have vulnerabilities they are disabled.

1-Click Restore

These 1 click restore points are instances of your site’s backup. Since backups are taken daily, you will get 30 1 click restore points. You can click on any of these restore points and revert back the site to that state.

Please do note that once you have restored the site to an earlier point, the new data will no longer be available.

Managed WordPress updates

True to its WPengine truly provides completely managed WordPress hosting. Every new version of WordPress may come with some bugs in it. WPE actually tests the WordPress version for bugs and only when it made sure that it’s clean does it send it to you.




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