Low-Budget marketing ideas for your small business

In this post we are going to cover a few marketing ideas for your business that will not lighten your pocket. In fact most of them are free and don’t cost a dime.

Here’s how to market your small business.

Publish quality content

All it takes is a little effort. Most small businesses don’t bother maintaining a blog. If you can put a little effort towards this end then your site will start receiving a lot of visitors from the search engines.

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People love to know more about the business where they are buying from. That’s the reason tv shows like Food Factory are popular. They show what goes on inside in a factory. Try writing about what goes on inside your  business and you may end up creating a resource in itself.

Get coupons for Advertising

Adwords, Bing, Facebook and many other advertising platforms offer coupons to first time users.

Make use of these coupons to bring the initial trickle of traffic to your site and to learn the ropes.

Once you’re familiar with a platform you will know how to make use of it in the best way possible.

Collect email leads

Don’t stop after traffic starts coming in. People will forget about you if you don’t remind them who you are.

The best way is to gather them together in an email list. You can offer a 5% rebate or store credits to achieve this.

The key thing is that a subscriber is much more likely to buy from you. Don’t ever forget that.

Start making Infographics

Infographics are really popular these days. And even though they look really slick with the help of graphic templates and other resources it’s easy to create one.

The only thing needed is proper research. People love data, especially data that’s useful or exotic to them.

If you can’t spare the time, there’s a nifty little site called Fiverr where you can get both the research done and infographics made at just $5.

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Create and distribute really slick business cards

You can use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustator to create your business card. However, if you can’t spare the time or aren’t in the mood to learn new tricks then a $5 gig at Fiverr will do the magic for you.

Last time I checked there are many talented individuals selling this gig. You will be spoilt for choice.

You can start distributing your cards first to your relations, your near and dear ones. Once the word gets out you will start getting many referrals and you can give your business cards to them as well.

Set up social media profiles

The quintessial Facebook page is a necessity these days. The whole world is out there including your customers and missing out on this boat isn’t a great idea.

However, it isn’t enough to sit there on those profiles you have created. You need to regularly post content on social media networks to gain any traffic from them.

Image posts do really well on social media networks.

Conduct contests online

With tools like Rafflecopter you can host a giveaway for free. Just embed the form on your Facebook page or your blog and you are good to go.

Thinking about what to give away?

If you are running a restaurant, a free meal for two would do just fine.

Start a podcast

If you aren’t shy of your own voice, a podcast can earn many loyal fans. People are rabidly following podcasts all over the web. This seems to be the next big thing.

If you’re thinking what you should cover in this podcast then think of industry tidbits, news and hacks which your potential clients would love.


Conduct offline events

There’s no better platform to meet your audience than hosting an event offline. When you speak to your customers they don’t have an option but to trust you.

Post about the event’s date on community boards and distribute flyers wherever you can.

Sponsor an Organization

Many local organizations aren’t very expensive to sponsor. I have seen payday loan businesses sponsor small schools just to give their business a humane approach. If you are a dentist then sponsoring school bags or gym equipment may in turn bring tons of new clients in terms of parents who want their kids teeth checked.

Final words

When you really put your mind into it, it’s not that hard to market your business. All that you need to do is identify and opportunity and grab it with both hands when it presents itself.


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