What’s the announcement?

$1000 Annual Student’s Scholarship

Dear participants,

Thank you for taking the time to read about this opportunity that we have created for you.

We found the site CouponMeld in 2014 and since then it has grown tremendously. You may read our article on the Best VPS hosts. Over the years, we have not only gained readers trust by being the best and truest source of information but also helped everyone we could. We provide practical advice for business owners and help fuel the local economy.

We have decided to invest in the future of the world—the young men and women around us.


General Terms of Participation

To participate, write an essay on the topic “A book that changed my life” and send it to scholarship@couponmeld.com

Here are a few details:

Books have always proven to be an invaluable resource. For example, I still remember reading “Old Man and the Sea” and the lasting impression it made on my young mind. It was never about hunting down a fish. The ultimate goal was bigger and broader and something we all share as human beings.

Is there something similar that has made a lasting impression in your life? If so, we are interested.

Write about it and send the essay over to us. It needs to be between 500 and 800 words and meet the following requirements:

  1. Grammatically correct
  2. Double spaced
  3. Cambri font
  4. 12 point font


Any student pursuing a graduate or undergraduate program in any University or College.

Any high school student.

The winner will be chosen on the basis of his/her written skills, creativity, and ability of expressing thoughts in a clear manner.

Submission Guidelines

Send us the completed piece as a Word file attachment to scholarship@couponmeld.com along with the following:

  1. Details like First & Last name, Phone, and Address
  2. College/University Name
  3. Course you’re pursuing


The deadline for the program is December 16, 2017. By January, 2018 second week, we will announce the winners and send out the check to your College OR to the student’s address directly (whichever is preferable).